Are you open to custom projects?
I am open to certain types of product and commercial photography, as well as artistic projects. Contact me with a short description of your project and I will respond quickly.
As you are also the author of DeepMeta software, can I ask a related question here?
Please go to the deepmeta site and use the contact section over there. This keeps things nicely separated and tidy ;)
Can I buy licenses to your images directly with you or from another agency?
I am exclusive contributor to Getty Images and iStockphoto, so no, that is not possible. These agencies have great pricing, service and legal protection, so your project is in good hands.!
Can I buy prints of images from your portfolio
This is currently not possible, but we are planning to have integration with several printing services in the future. Follow me to stay up to date.
Do you also offer wedding or family portrait photography?
No, this is not my territory and you better contact a photographer that specializes in this area. Make sure to check their references and find someone (or a team) that covers both images and video. Congratulations by the way ;)
I found a few of your stock photos but would like a special version
No problem, contact me with a reference to the photos and if technically possible, we'll work with Getty Images to get the job done.
I love your site and saw it is hosted on VersaNode, can I have such a site as well?
Certainly! Contact them directly with your request and they can enrol you as a beta tester. There's lots of functionality already and new features get added on regular basis!
What is "stock" photography?
Stock photography is an industry that creates and sells images and video that can be purchased for use through various licensing models. Customers pay a fee to buy the rights to legally use the stock photos or videos they want, incorporating them into their marketing strategies and personal projects as needed. This fee is then split between the artist that took the photo or footage and an agency that the artist uses to manage the sales of the photo to customers. Customers get to download the image and start using it in minutes, photographers (usually) retain their copyright on the material, and agencies make a buck facilitating the transaction. The agencies I work with are iStockphoto and Getty Images.