Modeling for stock photography

Images and video featuring real-life people doing real things are in very high demand. The era of cheesy posed images of business handshakes and smiling office teams are fortunately way behind us.

To expand my portfolio in that direction, I'm looking for people who want to model for me. Mind you, if you're looking for classic portraits, it's better to work with someone doing art photography.

Of course, we can always work out a deal, where we split the time between stock photos as well as some portraits for your own portfolio, so we both get something out of it.

Model Release

For any image to be available for commercial use a "model release" is required for any recognizable people in the image. A release is a written permission from an individual allowing the use of that person's likeness in an image for commercial purposes. This legally binding document helps models, photographers and the client or end user of the image by ensuring that each is aware of what has been agreed to.

You'll be required to sign a model release. Click the accompanying image to download the exact document you'll be signing, so you know in advance.

I'm officially registered as photographer at, a site where models and photographers can get in touch, with the purpose of organizing a shoot.

Click the thumbnail image to visit my portfolio. If you like, you can contact me through their channel.

If you'd like to contact me about modeling, please send an email with some info about yourself.

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